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Crediometer makes bank accounts that help growing business grow faster.
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Get full-assemble bank accounts
Open an insured bank accounts that come with a physical card, team management, credit board and a lot more.
Adeola A. Chinara Adesina T. Dola
Run your business on modern rails
Make efficient decisions in real time with cashflow analytics, programmatic payments, instant runway estimates, and more.
Take your community with you
Stay in touch with your families, friends and business partners.
Intuitive Payments
Send money using the app, agent(s) or any of our banking outlet(S).
Searchable Transactions
Find any transaction you’ve ever made in seconds.
Company Analytics
See where you’re making and spending money in real time.
Sharp Security
Keep secure with fluent 2-factor authentication and full activity logs.
Cred Cash
We'll always be with you to take your cash and help with your withdrawal.
Cred Card
Control your card with the amount you want to have on it always.
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